Monday, 4 February 2013

OFUDisc - A Summary

The Official Fanfiction University of Discworld was founded twice, eight years apart. At its second founding, the students from the first were written in by the Administrator - but they were written in as they had been nearly a decade before. As the girls attempted to resolve their confusion over exactly how old they were, they faced off against their own vampiric co-students - including one Iplis, who successfully seduced Agent Penny of the PPC - and against Ispace, the Interdimensional Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Elves.

Ispace had a goal: to stop people abusing fictional elves at all costs. Whether those elves were canon characters, OFU students, or Mary-Sues, didn't matter - and ultimately, Ispace launched a full-on attack on OFUDisc. They were driven off, but took one of the students with them - Phoebe, the Death of Fangirls. Phoebe had been friends with Liliac, the Ispace infiltrator, and with Cazzie - but especially with Penny, who now returned to the PPC...

Sunday, 3 February 2013

OFU-Squared Sueniversity Listing

As part of the OFU2 initiative, it has proven sadly necessary to compile a list of Sueniversities to be discussed and... 'gently corrected'. More accurately, this is a list of suspected and suggested Sueniversities. Final confirmation of status will take place before any filming is undertaken. If you are the author, creator, or management of any of the linked universities, we'd like to talk to you! We can discuss why your work is on this list, potentially help you to improve it, and get it removed from consideration. OFU2 is an education enterprise, after all - we want people to learn!

The Listing
Fandoms: About half a dozen.
Chapters: 12. Words: Unknown.
Fandom: Hetalia - Axis Powers
Chapters: 33. Words: 19,847

Hetalia Writing University
Fandom: Hetalia - Axis Powers
Chapters: 1. Words: 796
Fandom: Star Trek - Voyager
Chapters: 16. Words: 20,150 

Traning Time Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Chapters: 6. Words: Unknown.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Protectors of the Plot Continuum

The Protectors of the Plot Continuum, or PPC, is a trans-dimensional organisation dedicated to fighting the scourge of bad fanfiction in the places it hurts most - the fictional Word Worlds of Canon. PPC Agents, from the Departments of Mary-Sues, Bad Slash, Implausible Crossovers and more, step through their blue portals into badfics, record their charge lists, and... rectify the problems. They are the militant wing of the Canon Protection Initiative, and its most visible - and numerous - adherents.

From another point of view, the PPC is a shared fictional universe invented by Jay and Acacia way back in 2002, and since written for by dozens if not hundreds of fans. PPC authors take bad fanfics and dissect them in story form - a form of combined catharsis and entertainment.

General Links

The Original Series by Jay and Acacia, which started it all
The PPC Wiki, a treasure trove of trivia
The official 'FAQ For Other People', for if you've had a story killed by us
The Guide to the PPC, for a summary of who we are and what we write

OFUDisc Students
For characters mentioned in the OFUDisc Files

Penny - OFUDisc Student and Department of Mary-Sues Agent
Vemi - (missing) OFUDisc Student and Department of Mary-Sues Agent
Raen - OFUDisc Student and Department of Mary-Sues Agent
Nenya - OFUDisc Student and Department of Multiple Offenses Agent
Kaitlyn - OFUDisc Student and Department of Character Protective Services Caseworker

Reluctant Warriors
For additional characters mentioned in The Ispace Wars

The Sunflower Official - Head of the Department of Mary-Sues
Estelnar - Department of Mary-Sues Agent and Former Tabloid Editor
Kayleigh - Conspiracy Theorist and Department of Bad Slash Agent
Dafydd - Former Department of Geographical Aberrations Agent
Constance - Former Department of Mary-Sues Agent
Narto - Former Department of Geographical Aberrations Agent
Lou - Former Department of Geographical Aberrations Agent (sort of)

Friday, 1 February 2013

The Mini-Luggage Adoption Centre

In the grand tradition of Fanfiction Universities, OFUDisc is seeking to send all of its mini-Luggages to good homes. As the minis are spawned by the endless misspelling of canon names, they will be listed here.

To adopt a mini, simply select one without a home, and leave a comment here specifying the name under which you wish to adopt it. Your name will be noted as the mini's official adopter, and you will be given a special certificate of ownership, either in reply to your comment or by email.

To keep things fair, we're keeping things on a one-mini-per-person, first-come-first-served basis. Additionally, if you have previously adopted a mini-Luggage (freelance, as it were), we encourage you to register them here so we can add them to the list. All previous adopters will receive credit and a certificate - and if two people have contrived to adopt the same mini, we'll organise some sort of time-share.

Any PPC writers who want their Agent to also adopt their mini - that's fine. Let us know, and we'll issue twin adoption certificates.

The Mini-Luggage Master List

Albert O'Malley
Alberto Malice
Old Burn
Carrrot - adopted by DawnFire (& PPC Agent Edgar Sullivan)
Chair of Desperately Studly
Doctor Lunch
dried fog pills

Granny Wetherwax
Granhy Weatherwax
Hexxx - adopted by Outhra

Klashian Coffee
Lecturer in Decent Rooms - adopted by the Irish Samurai
Library Nun
Lubsang - adopted by Ivan the Not-so-Terrible

ms. Cakes
Mustard Ridicully
Nanny Og

Rinsewind - adopted by Huinesoron
San Vimes - adopted by Khaosity
Sam Vines
Seedier Waggler
Susan Sto Hellit

Unclean University