Monday, 14 July 2014

Ispace Wars: ????? - Formation

“-ridiculous,” Dafydd snapped. “I was stopped by one of the Sub Rosa’s spies in Malijach the other day – me! Oh, he apologised afterwards, sort of, but do you know what he said? ‘We can’t be too careful’. To me!”

Narto listened, wide-eyed, as Dafydd continued to rant. Lou glanced up at the ceiling. “I thought you’d show up,” she murmured.

A door slammed somewhere in the Illian home, and a moment later Constance stalked in. “It’s confirmed,” she announced. “I checked with my sources, and-“

“Wait, you have sources?” Dafydd cut her off. “Where can I get some?”

Constance poked her tongue out at him. “Well, I talked to Steve, at any rate. Maybe if you didn’t drive all your partners insane…”

“Unfair,” Dafydd countered. “Not all of you are bonkers.”